Defending Clients In Federal And State White Collar Criminal Cases For Over 35 Years

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Segal & Associates, PC, is a litigation firm focused on white-collar criminal investigations and cases in both federal and state court and in complex civil cases.

A California law firm successfully defending federal and white-collar criminal cases for more than 35 years.

In Your Corner When The Stakes Are High

Many of the clients that Segal & Associates, PC, represents are facing not just criminal charges, but also threats to their careers and reputation. The stakes are high; clients are often in danger of losing everything. In recognition of what is at risk for their clients, the legal team at Segal & Associates, PC, limits their caseload. This allows them to apply the full scope of 35 years of acquired knowledge, skills and experience to every client.

We Solve Problems

Malcom Segal and his staff of attorneys take a measured and careful approach to every case and are always prepared and composed. Their approach to problem-solving relies on a comprehensive understanding of the law, detailed analysis of the facts of the case and innovative legal strategies. There are no dramatic tirades or pounding of tables to get a point across, only a well-structured defense based on relevant case law.

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