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Protecting Your Practice From Medical & Medicare Fraud Charges

The ability to work with federal programs such as Medicare and Medicaid is an important part of many medical practices. The government closely scrutinizes medical providers who bill Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare for any hint of inappropriate billing activity. As a result, many caregivers and facilities are caught up in the prosecution’s net for even the most innocent of errors.

The legal team at Segal & Associates, PC, has extensive experience defending health care providers against allegations of fraud. If the government is targeting your practice, we can help. We have been serving Northern California for over 35 years, and our firm has a reputation as one of the premier white collar criminal defense firms in the area.

Help With Both Civil And Criminal Charges

Our attorneys have the skills and experience to defend both civil and criminal charges. We know that both can irreparably harm your practice. We have broad experience in:

  • The False Claims Act
  • Stark Law and Ant-kickback violations
  • Controlled Substances Act violations
  • Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare fraud
  • Billing for unnecessary services
  • Billing for services/procedures that were not performed

In health care fraud cases, the government must prove intent if they file criminal charges. A guilty verdict in a criminal case or a fraud judgement in a civil case can lead to fines, exclusion from Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare and other penalties. We take every allegation seriously and fight every charge vigorously.

Discuss Your Case With Us

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