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A Strategic Defense Against White Collar Charges

When you face an allegation of a white-collar criminal offense, you face more than jail time or a hefty fine, though those can be severe. Your reputation, livelihood and family may suffer irreparable damage. You need an experienced attorney with the skills to begin your defense strategy immediately.

Segal & Associates, PC, and its award-winning lawyers have a reputation as one of the top defense firms in Northern California. We defend both individuals and companies against a wide range of white-collar crimes. Our attorneys understand the complex issues involved in white-collar criminal defense. We limit our caseload in order to give every client the attention and resources their case requires.

Understanding White Collar Offenses

“White-collar crime” is not an official term, but a general one used to define a category of offenses. When we refer to white-collar offenses, we generally mean crimes that involve some type of fraud or deception for personal or financial gain. A few examples include:

  • Corporate fraud – may involve violating a host of rules and regulations at either the state or federal level
  • Embezzlement – a person in a position of trust stealing money, such as an employee, a trustee or a fiduciary
  • Bribery – attempting to influence a government official through gifts or favors
  • Money laundering – processing money from a criminal enterprise through a legitimate business

The sooner we become involved in your case, the better. Many white-collar crimes violate federal law and various federal agencies may be involved in the investigation. If you fear that you are under investigation, we can intervene on your behalf with law enforcement. We will start building your defense right away.

Who Do We Represent?

Anyone can face charges of white-collar crimes, but certain industries and professionals tend to be more vulnerable. Our clients often include:

  • Corporations and corporate officers – Companies must abide by a host of laws and regulations. At times, its individual officers may personally face charges for violations.
  • Employees – People who handle financial transactions for their employers can face scrutiny when things go wrong.
  • Medical providers – People in the health care industry must be very careful when it comes to billing for patient care.
  • Business owners – Anyone who owns a business may face charges of fraud, tax evasion, money laundering or any number of other white collar offenses.

These are only examples. We represent people from many backgrounds and situations. To find out how we can assist you, please discuss your case with one of our lawyers.

Start Building Your Defense Today

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